Wind Technik Nord GmbH
Entwicklung, Herstellung und Direktverkauf  von Windkraftanlagen seit 1986


The WTN250 is a product of development, which is based on more than 25 years of constant experience in wind turbine design and production. It is composed of well-tested parts and reliably operating construction elements combined with modern technical know-how. In that way we achieve the optimum in converting wind power into electrical energy. 

The high availability and efficient production connected with an ongoing quality control makes the turbine to an economic and ecological investment.

The new development of the WTN250 was especially designed for foreigns markets. Its design features match with the high requirements and environmental conditions in foreign countries and guarantees a high vailability with the approved technology there

The hot dip galvanised nacelle frame of welded steel beam The nacelle cover ist made of FRP with a build-in EMP and lighting protection.

Nominal output:


Hub height:

30m - 50m

Cut in windspeed:

4 m/s

Rated windspeed:

14 m/s

Power at 10 m/s:


Cut off windspeed:

25 m/s

50 year extreme gust:

59,5 m/s resp. 52,5 m/s

Effect limitation: